These are the handbags the fashion set are snapping up for post-lockdown frolics

The time has almost arrived - just as the novelty of requiring nothing more than your wallet for a quick dash to the supermarket wore off - where we'll once again be lugging around our most impractical, unnecessarily over-stuffed bags. And we can't wait.

We've not carried - or even touched - our totes, crossbodies or baskets for almost four months, but considering we so often cursed needing to carry them everywhere, we'd be lying if we said we haven't missed this part of our wardrobe immensely.

Their sartorial power is undeniable, transforming an outfit from day to night, city to beach, bad to good with ease. So as we tire of tracksuit bottoms and begin to daydream about our post-isolation looks, now is the perfect time to invest in or update your bag repertoire.

Admittedly, yes, we would find any excuse to do that...